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Custom Cabinets: The Key to Maximizing Space and Resale Value with Cabinets Manufacturer in Kansas City

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Yes, updating your cabinets will make your home worth more. When buyers walk into a kitchen or bathroom, they often notice the cabinets first, so how they look matters a lot when you’re trying to sell your home. Almost 80% of home shoppers surveyed said the kitchen was the most important room.

Buyers are less likely to bid on a house where they will have to spend a few thousand dollars to update the cabinets immediately. Refacing your cabinets by cabinets manufacturer in kansas city can totally change the look of your kitchen or bathroom and give it the modern look that home buyers want.

To Help You Decide If You Should Reface Your Cabinets, We’ll Talk About The Following:

  • Components that are involved in the refacing of the cabinets
  • Renovating cost vs. return on investment (ROI)
  • Cost-effective ways to update your cabinets

What Does A Cabinet Reface Include?

When you get custom bathroom cabinets Kansas, you’ll get the following:

  1. Custom bathroom cabinets in Kansas City allow you to tailor the design to your specific style and storage needs.
  1. Custom cabinets maximize space efficiency, providing ample storage options for all your bathroom essentials.

If you really want to raise the value of your home, you might want to:

  • A top-quality finish. Within 6 months to a year of the refacing, cheap veneers and plywood can easily chip or peel. With a good finish from a cabinets manufacturer in kansas city, your cabinets will look brand new for years, raising the value of your home even more. At Cabinet Coatings, we promise that our finish won’t chip, crack, or fade for at least 5 years after the job is done.
  • Tracks and springs that softly close. Cabinets get a lot of wear and tear from being slammed over time, which makes them more likely to break. Soft-close hardware makes drawers and doors close more slowly and quietly, which helps your cabinets last longer. Also, they keep little fingers from getting caught in things.
  • Cabinet pulls are of good quality. How your kitchen or bathroom looks and feels is affected by the handles and buttons on your cabinets. Plus, pulls made of good materials that cabinets manufacturer in Kansas City use will last longer and keep your place looking new for years.

Buyers tend to notice these little things, which makes the higher cost of redoing worth it for the higher return on investment.

Cost vs. Return On Investment (ROI)

You should think about (and compare) the following when deciding whether or not to reface your cabinets:

  • Upfront refacing cost: How much will having a professional reface your kitchen or bathroom cabinets cost?
  • The overall return on the value of home: How much you can expect to get back when you sell your home

Let’s talk about each one in more depth.

Budgeting For New Cabinetry By Cabinets Manufacturer In Kansas City

The price of refinishing cabinets can be anywhere between $5,000 and $15,000.

How much it will cost to reface your cabinets with the help of a cabinets manufacturer in Kansas City depends on the following:

  • How many and how big are they? The job will cost more the more shelves you have.
  • Use of materials. Engineered wood, like plywood or particle board, will cost more than real hardwood.
  • Adding new gear. If you add any of the above hardware improvements, the cost of your refacing will go up.
  • Which company do you pick? Companies that offer better services will charge more for them.

Custom cabinets and bathroom cabinets are a big investment, but the high return on investment generally makes it worth it.

Overall ROI

If the cost to reface your cabinets is $18,000, you can expect to get around $14,000 back when you sell them.

How much money you’ll make back will depend on a number of things, such as:

  • The products that were used to reface. Some companies, like Cabinet Coatings, use solid wood to reface cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Solid wood has a higher ROI value and will help your cabinets last longer than plywood or particle board.
  • Whether your project is eligible for a tax break, some kitchen remodels let you claim a tax credit in the form of a tax basis. This means you’ll save money on your refacing, but not until you sell your home.

Ways To Update Your Cabinets That Won’t Break The Bank

If you don’t want to spend at least $5,000 on your kitchen cabinets, redoing them is a cheaper way to make them look better and raise the value of your home.

The same thing happens to your cabinet boxes when you restore them as when you reface them. The difference is that your current cabinet doors and drawer fronts are stripped of their old finish and coated with the new finish instead of being replaced.


Increasing the value of your property, particularly when you want to sell it, can be as simple as upgrading your cabinets. Because most people consider the kitchen the most important room in the home, cabinets are an essential component. Refacing cabinets involves washing, sanding, and refinishing cabinet boxes and installing new bespoke doors and drawer fronts at a low cost. High-quality finishes, soft-close hardware, and sturdy cabinet pull enhance cabinet beauty and longevity. The ROI on cabinet refacing when selling your property is usually good. Refinishing cabinet doors is a cost-effective way to improve the look and value of your home. Cabinet improvements give your home a new look and boost its value.

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